The Evocative Art of KawaiiSuga

While surfing Instagram about a month ago, I stumbled across some truly fantastic rope bondage line art. The artist’s online handle: Kawaiisuga I bounced over to Kawaiisuga’s  Instagram page, and was delighted: image after image of beautiful shibari-inspired art. I was immediately captured by two qualities I saw in her work: the fresh, clean feel in the execution, and the playful, sensual nature that came through in the art.

I knew immediately that: one, I wanted to collaborate with the artist, and two, the world needed to know more about her art! After some online exchanges, Kawaiisuga agreed to an interview, and she did a wonderful rendering of one of my pieces.

SeattleShibari:  Your artwork is really wonderful: crisp execution combined with a lyrical, playful style. How did you get started making art? Who and/or what are your biggest influences?

Kawaiisuga: Thank you! I really appreciate that. I’ve been drawing since I was a child, mostly as a hobby. My mom got me into art as a child, but after I started discovering things on my own. I am really drawn to Guro Manga (Body horror manga) Nobuyoshi Araki’s photography & female musical acts, dancers etc. I get easily inspired by my surroundings and the people I interact with. 

Seattle Shibari: What draws you to Japanese rope bondage as a theme in your art?

KawaiiSuga:I started drawing girls in Shibari a lot this summer actually. I was going through a strange time in my life and drawing that made me feel better. My art is really personal to me.  The ropes represent self constraint on my own self, but also liberation. There is more, but for now I will roll with that. Shibari is beautiful, I love the pure art form of it. The rope, the knots and the marks. It’s more than some kinky fetish to me, to me It’s a symbol of commitment and dedication. If people can’t understand that it’s okay, I don’t need them to.

Seattle Shibari: I notice several recurring motifs in your art, flowers being one of them. What do the flowers represent for you? Are there other motifs that are strong for you?

KawaiiSuga: Flowers represent many things. You give flowers to people for most occasions that are celebrated. Life, death, love. I also see flowers as a symbol of femininity and strength. Sometimes if I don’t draw certain body parts I replace them with a flower, because flowers also represent sex. For now flowers are my favorite symbols, but I do have many more in mind! 
Seattle Shibari: What sorts of collaboration or projects are you looking forward to in the near future? Any plans for a show?
Kawaiisuga: I adore working with other people! I’m actually really shy when it comes to reaching out to people. I’m working on that. As of now I’m grateful people reach out to me. I get street artists,  photographers, rope models, rope riggers and poets. it’s amazing how much you can do when you don’t limit your creativity to one medium.  I’m going to be part of a couple of shows this fall. Some gallery owners have spoken to me. It’s pretty cool but I’m in no rush.

Seattle Shibari: Sounds great! How can people see more of your art?

Kawaiisuga: You can see my work here for now!

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